Do you know procrastination can be cured? Yes, it’s a disease; if untreated it can become fatal. Procrastination reaches new heights every time you make excuses, every time you skip what you know deep down you should do. Soon you’ll be a natural procrastinator who specialises in zero productivity.

It’s so simple to procrastinate that you’ll be so blind, you won’t realise that you are procrastinating. I know lot of people who are very ineffective in their lives because they lack productivity and enthusiasm. I just don’t understand the mentality of postponing something that you can do right away. I mean it’s so easy to postpone these days that majority of people regard it to be normal.

That’s why it is so easy to be great because this generation is soft. The minute you get a lot of things done, for example, at your job, home, in your life, in school, in your business, and put your heart into it , you’ll definitely be great. When you dedicate your life to things you hate to do, but still do them, there’s really no competition at all.

People procrastinate almost 70% of their life, they get few things done and they complain instead of giving their maximum productivity.

Do you know, energy is so much more vital than intelligence, because people who get a lot of things done are those filled with energy. If there’s something that you have to do today, just do it now. Don’t let your mind play with you and say you’ll do it later. Just decide, jump and do it. Don’t think about it. Whatever you have to do, don’t allow your mind to bring excuses, just jump and do it.

Excuses makes sense to the person who makes them. Stop procrastination!


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