It is surprising that she managed to cope in this world of beauty, peer pressure and obstacles. She had no problem with living in this world as a child. They always teased her about her dark complexion. However, she did not think or worry about it that much, she saw it as part of playing with other children. Have you ever heard of a saying that what is said when you are a child will affect you when you grow up? She has grown up and the world has affected her.

She is scared to be around other girls because she feels that others are way more beautiful than her. The irony is that she has the confidence but it’s difficult for her to accept that she is fine just the way she is. She spends more time looking at those women with makeup, shining skin and huge smiles talking and posting about beauty and self-acceptance. What is most painful is that she will cry after looking at those pictures; she is not aware that she is unique.

When the boys she has feelings for or is crushing on approach her she constantly feels she is not worthy nor sexy enough. It is hard for her to believe them and she feels they are teasing her. She rejects the boys because she believes they can’t love or fall for an ugly girl like her. She is always looking at her big breasts on the mirror and wishing they were smaller.

The truth is she is a dark-skinned girl with her own beauty. The truth is God created her with love and purpose. The problem she has is comparing herself with others, forgetting that everyone is unique. I just want to let her know that if she follows the things of the world, especially social media, she will continue to break down. Social media can make you forget who you are because you want you compare and be like those other human beings. She is perfect the way she is, it is just that she has not seen that yet.

She should stop bringing pain to herself. Yes, it is not easy, but she must remember she has the longest relationship with herself. I wish I could say it’s easy being a girl, but it is not. Love yourself before you love others, at least do that for yourself. Read the bible to find out how God loves you the way you are. Never let those who did not create you dim your light. I’m glad and happy that through all she has persevered even though it affected her mental health.

This is for my fellow woman who ever feels she is not beautiful: you are! Do not compare yourself that only brings pain. Let us all heal and continue healing!


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