I was named Londiwe which means ‘protected’ mainly by the Holy Spirit. I was named by my father, if I am not mistaken.
I entered this world at the early hour of 10 am, on the 16th of May, 2001. I was raised in the streetwise township called Umlazi. I was born a premature baby, born when western medicine would say ‘Impossible’. I guess that is where my name came about. I am protected and I am the living testimony of God’s work. The minute they handed me into my mother’s hand she uttered the words, ‘Ulondiwe lo mntwana’ which means ‘this gift is protected’.
I never pronounce my name with a twang, neither do I appreciate a person that does not pronounce it correctly because it loses its originality. My name is very important to me and I would never trade it for anything in the world because it is my identity. My name is me, I am the definition of my name.


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