Don’t wait for the media to report another case of the Coronavirus in your neighbourhood. But always be ready, for anything is possible at any time.

Prevent as much you can, treat any infections, do obey the preventative measures and take care of yourself, not only for yourself but for the next person.

COVID-19 may be under estimated but one thing is for sure it can take one’s life. Be wise, yes we all going to die after all, but let’s not use that as an excuse. People tend to use the mentality of we all going to die, that’s why they are not taking all the possible measures to be safe.

Be safe, obey. This shall pass too, it is a passing thing. We may have opinions of what to do and what not do, but in the end it can kill, as much as a headache can kill someone.

This outbreak has brought attention to everyone everywhere, whilst here in Mzansi we made it a joke. There are viruses which cannot be cured by scientist or doctors, that’s why we all have to be aware, and have one mind-set. Stay hygienic! Wash your hands thoroughly.

If it can happen to someone else then it can also happen to you. Don’t wait for it to get serious so it can get your attention.

May we recover from this virus!


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