Momma said if she can’t cook, she is not the one. A lady who knows how to cook makes a home. Daddy said a man who can’t provide for his family is a boy. A man who provides brings happiness and joy, the pots and pans live in the kitchen.

Sure enough, Momma didn’t mean that a lady belongs in the kitchen. Daddy didn’t mean that all men who can provide bring happiness and joy. Some ladies are stuck in the kitchen because their men say they can’t do anything else.

Some ladies believe they belong in the kitchen as housewives, some men believe women are meant to be in the kitchen. It’s sad when ladies are fed the pots and pans. It’s sad when men hit their ladies with pots and pans in the kitchen.

Who said men can’t cook and ladies can’t provide? The pots and pans in the kitchen choose no gender! Ladies, who said men are ATMs? Men, who said ladies are objects? Gender-based abuse and financial abuse must end now!


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