Social media has proven to be a part of our daily lives and it can have a good or bad impact on how the society views us.

Due to the freedom a person has on social media, people tend to reveal their true characters. Sometimes it is not intentional but it shows through their posts. A person who is mature and focused would post things that will help them grow and are encouraging to others. A person who is not grounded and immature would post silly jokes and things of no value to please or bully others.

If a person’s posts are meant to taunt or hurt others, then it might mean in reality they have problems getting along with people. Cyber bullies often lack self-love and self-confidence. They enjoy making others miserable to feel good about themselves. They are also toxic and have no respect for others.

In 2019, a Miss South African hopeful lost her place in the competition when her old tweets in high school resurfaced, and were considered racist. This therefore proves that a person’s image can be easily destroyed by their own actions, intentionally or otherwise.

On the other hand, today’s youth use social media platforms to make a living and venture into the media industry. One can choose to be an influencer by posting and sharing encouraging concepts to build their image and create a following to make a difference.


Tell us: What do you like and dislike about social media?