In life people have special things but in different contexts. I love music. One of my icon’s is Michael Jackson. He went far with his amazing singing and gifted dancing. He is one of the best, to me he is a hero. Many people adored him. Even now he is late, people still wanted to hear more of his singing.

One thing that special to me is singing and cartography. I learnt through researching lyrics and my headphones help me. I avoid making noise to others, I want to listen carefully and alone with no disturbance. In that way I feel the rhythm and hymning to my soul.

I want to be an artist one day. I know singers don’t make money in my country, then, I will have to tackle another paying job. Singing will be a hobby to please my mother. I always wanted to be a detective when I grow up. I love music and it make me feel at ease and uplifts my soul. I write my own lyrics and my sister is always laughing at me. She says I am stupid and at least my mom doesn’t know. I have a feeling that one day I will be like Enzo Ishal.

Being an artist can bring you to a higher level that you were. Enzo sang just one song, ‘Kanjiva’, which means a dove. He does some dance moves, even my twin cousins love them. Every time they want to play with their keyboard, they suggest singing Enzo’s popular song ‘Kanjiva’. This song became popular and trending. It was on everyone lips for months.

My life isn’t perfect without music. I even made a picture of my own album titled “Various Artists”. I think if music didn’t exist, our life would be horrible. Nothing to ease pain and to soothe a breaking heart.

A year ago a song by Cardi B inspired me. It made me write my own songs. I might have a hoarse voice that’s why I think a good singer could sing my songs. I once approached Enzo on his homepage but he didn’t respond. He probably thinks I am a chancer, but I won’t give up. I am a shy boy and can’t sing. I even gave myself a name ‘Tomstorm’ meaning storm will never end or music never dies. Music will never end. My music will express myself and some artists do it for fun.

Being an artist is never easy, but kinder tough because they stay awake all night, mostly when they have concerts. They must have energy and stay in rhythm to please their fans.

My special content are my headphones. They may be second hand but they mean a lot to me. They aren’t new, but old. My mother used them and passed them onto me, but I fancy some I saw in the big CN shop. I will buy them one day. These headphones used to be my mommy’s special things and now they are mine. I remember stealing them from my mom’s bag. She would hiss and shout. I now understand how important they are to her. They are important to me now.