Some say that reading books is boring and not fun. But I disagree. Reading gives me peace of mind and it is special in some sort of way but it is always good to read.

When I started reading magazines, school books and also story books, it felt special and I couldn’t get enough. Then I joined a book club in my previous school run by people from an organisation called Youth Potential South Africa (Youpsa). The book club is great. Sometimes we meet up with other students from other schools and we talk and discuss about the books we have read and books we are going to read.

The Youpsa people help those who are in need and they also visit students in schools to do some activities and also do some reading. Some students who like to read and who are responsible are nominated to be school librarians. They also visit those librarians in their homes to try and get to know them better. And they also leave books behind so that they can lend them out, it is almost like a real library but it is a book club.

In school I am always carrying books and other students ask me how I cope when it is time for examinations. I just tell them that I carry on reading as if nothing has changed. In school I ask my isiXhosa teacher to lend me some books because reading is now already in my head.

When I am reading I forget about the trouble I have in school and reading gives me peace of mind and it brings happiness and joy. It is something I am passionate about and it is what I look forward to. Reading should be a child’s responsibility and passion, but not all of us are gifted/passionate for reading. In our schools there are many different types of books but some other students are not interested in such things like reading. When we do orals or reading and then you find out that we can’t speak proper English and can’t even read.

Reading is not always about marks or a competition, it is up to you that you take reading seriously or not. Reading has formed a part of my life and I believe reading will take me very far, not because I can read properly, but because it is something I am passionate about. It’s something that will turn out to be epic to see a young girl who loves reading so much. In English they say that “you must reap what you have planted”, which means since I am planting my passion, I will one day reap great achievement full of pride.

Reading is part of my life and leads me to say: “This is my passion and this is what I do.”