At only 10 years old, I already knew what divorce was, I already knew how it felt to see your parents fighting. I stayed with grandmother, I always asked her where my parents were but she never told me. Apparently she was waiting for me to grow up.

But the only thing she told me every day was, โ€œYou must focus on your studies, and be your own man.โ€ I kind of kept those words in my head and my heart. I would forget important things but I never forgot those words. She was the only person who seemed to care for me.

All my relatives didnโ€™t want me in their houses. My grandmother was the only mother figure I had in my teenage years. I remember that every time she came back from collecting her grant money, she would always buy some snacks for me on her way. I wonder what made those people take her away.

They were probably looking for money I think. I found her lying on the sofa one day when I came back from school, there was blood everywhere and what breaks my heart the most is that she was undressed. I think they probably raped her. When the policemen came, they found me with a rope in my hand. I wanted to follow my granny; I wanted to know what happened to my parents because she never had the chance to tell me when she was still alive.


Tell us: Why do you think the Grandmother was hiding about the parents?