My name is Morena Mokhatla, I live with my five siblings and my mom. I am a 15-year-old boy.

I remember on the 5th of March 2020, we were celebrating my sister’s birthday at home. I walked outside and stared at the stars.

“Dad, today we are celebrating my sister’s birthday and yet you are still in heaven not coming to check on us,” I said.

I remember crying because it was our first time having a birthday party without my dad. I went to my room and played on my computer. I really enjoy games. That’s when I started to think how could I make my very own video games.

I then went to google: how to make a video game. I checked the steps etc. then I realised video games don’t suit me. I thought about playing soccer, but I was a failure. I can’t play soccer. I asked myself: if I am a boy, why can’t I play soccer like my friends? That’s when I stopped forcing things.

But as time went by, I discovered a love for movies and entertainment. That’s when I realised that maybe one day I will be an actor, because I love acting, but I am shy, that’s the problem. In fact, I once told my siblings and my uncle that I would buy a car but they all laughed at me and my younger sister said to me, “Abuti Morena wena wa rata ho lora motshehare,” meaning that I am always daydreaming, but I said to her, “Watch me be successful one day in life, my sister.”

That’s when I saw that my hidden talent is to be an actor. I still say my wish is to act in a soapie called “The Queen” or “Gomora”.

I hope one day I will be successful.


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