Have you ever suddenly fell for someone in your neighbourhood who you ever hardly noticed? Well, I’ve been in such a situation.

It all started few weeks ago when she came for her end of academic year holidays. I came across her this other day and I couldn’t believe what my eyes saw; an angel! My heart was racing. I must admit I didn’t have words to utter; even a simple “hello” could not get out of my mouth. I just looked at her and she smiled that smile that could heal your pains.

I don’t remember seeing a girl with such a smile anywhere. Maybe I was in a dream. If it wasn’t that we grew up in the same neighbourhood, I’d say it was my “love at first sight” moment. I don’t know how she felt because I really acted weird. Maybe I embarrassed her for not saying hi. I don’t know! I’ve tried not to feel this way for her but I end up wanting more of her.

But how on earth will she understand that I feel something for her? For crying out loud I hardly noticed her all these years. Why now? For sure she would think I’m trying to use her. Should I risk asking her out? What if she says she considers me as a brother? Will I manage to carry the burden of being turned down?

What about the picture I can paint to our parents? Sometimes I gather all the guts to ask her out but then these questions keep on putting doubt in my head. I think I’m not just brave enough or should I say I’m being overly cautious with the fear of being given a cold shoulder. When will I ever man-up and go for her? I just can’t let a diamond slip away from my hands just like that; for sure I’ve to act and it should be sooner than tomorrow.

Whatever it is that I feel; if this feeling is real, I’m sure my heart and soul belongs to her and that I’ll get her at the right time. She is that potential matter that could occupy the vacuum in my heart. My love for her is an endless route full of light. D-lir, you may consider me as a bro but I just can’t get over the feelings I have for you. My heart belongs to you, I need you.


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