Things happens miraculously, I never thought I will become an author because of my poor English. I was failing even to pronounce the word “lamb” I would instead say “lamf”. At school it was very difficult for me even to participate or do orals with other learners.

After I discovered that I have a problem with spoken English, reading and writing that I almost gave up going to school but my conscience kept on pushing me not to give up so easily. Every morning when I remember of going to school, my heart would be pump in the mud of fear.

My heart was deeply troubled when I failed my matric in 2000. My mom and the whole family were afraid that I might commit suicide, because I loved going to school with all my heart but the problem was my poor English language. In 2010 I had to go back to school, I remember when my teacher gave motivational words to the matriculants along with other teachers, they said to me “Seakakgole I know you can do it just keep on pushing” and he repeated “Yes you can!”

I then went home after school my elder sister bought me the oxford dictionary. I studied it to improve my English, after two months whenever my English class teacher would ask a question. I was the first person to raise my hand, and sadly all the class learners would look at me prepared to laugh. But with confidence, I was able to answer all the questions right. As time went on the other learners they joined me for English study group and I was assigned by my English teacher to teach the learners.

Everyday whenever I came back from school I would take a pen and book and begin to write poems and drama. And after writing I would go and give it to someone who’s fluent in English. I then wrote my first book “Return to Bethlehem”. I realised that it is by GOD’s Grace I wrote the book and the motivational words of my English teacher, not only did I write the book but now I formed the after school reading club for Grade 4-7. My new nick name is Grace Seakakgole.