Mwansa, an average sixteen-year-old Zambian teenager, who was optimistic, smart, friendly, funny and a Christian by faith, was living in Kitwe, a city in the Copperbelt province of Zambia.

One day her parents told her some news that changed her life forever.

“Mwansa, tomorrow we will be leaving Zambia and going to Edmonton in Canada, and that is where we will be staying for the rest of our lives,” said Mwansa’s mother.

Upon hearing this Mwansa was so overjoyed and filled with happiness, she immediately began to pack her clothes and prepared to kiss Zambia goodbye.

The big day finally arrived; she was going to leave Zambia forever. Her parents woke her up, and they all prepared themselves and started off for the airport. Upon arriving, Mwansa was so excited; she looked around and saw thousands of people boarding different airplanes. She and her parents boarded the plane.

It was a very long and interesting flight, but finally they arrived in Edmonton. Mwansa and her parents were very tired from the flight so they arrived at their house and rested. After resting for some time, they explored their new house and surroundings.

Three weeks later, Mwansa’s mother enrolled her at Edmonton High School. The first day of school was interesting, seeing new people, the smell of flowers outside the classrooms and interesting lessons from new teachers.

All of that changed the day she met Josh and Emily, the two school trouble makers, they made fun of her, called her names and sometimes stole her lunch. She felt like the weight of the world was on her shoulders. Most days she would go home crying and wishing she never came to Canada.

One day she locked herself in her room, sat on her bed and began to pray, “Lord I know you love me so much and you are willing to protect me. I thought Canada would be awesome and wonderful, but Josh and Emily are making my life miserable. I don’t want to hate them, so please help me and show me what to do. In Jesus’s mighty name I ask and pray, Amen.”

And at that moment her room was illuminated with yellow light and someone who looked just like her appeared, she was clothed in amour and had big, bright and white wings.

Frightened Mwansa asked in a small and shaky voice, “Who are you?”

“I am Chikondi,” replied the stranger, “And I am your guardian angel, I have come because of your prayer. Please, do not be afraid. I am here to help.”

After hearing this Mwansa was happy and thanked God for bringing someone to help her. Later that day Chikondi promised Mwansa that she would follow her to school the next day and see how bad her days at school were. She also told her that only she could see her so she shouldn’t worry about being seen with her guardian angel.

The next day at school, Chikondi told Mwansa that she must love Josh and Emily the same way she loved herself, and after telling Mwansa these words she went back to being invisible but she was always with Mwansa.

At lunch time Josh and Emily tried to make Mwansa sad, but this time it was different. Mwansa could just smile at them or walk away.

The next week Josh and Emily apologised for their bad behaviour towards her; they all reconciled and became friends.

Now life for Mwansa was different. She now had two new friends who loved and defended her, and always kept Chikondi’s words to heart. She also knew in her heart that God answers prayers and works miracles in mysterious ways.


Tell us: Have you ever become friends with your enemy?