I heard a hard knock on the door. It’s 4 o’clock in the morning, who might that be? I was feeling all drowsy. I tried to open my eye, but they fought back like an angry bird. The knock kept going and this time it went louder, and harder.

I finally succeed to open my eyes. I got out of bed and dragged my legs to the front door of my apartment. I heard a loud scream right outside my front door, it was followed by hard knock – I was getting terrified. The loud scream sounded like a young girl – very young.

She was screaming “HELP! HELP! HELP!” I tried to look for my keys, but I couldn’t find them. They were not on the coffee table, that’s where I usually put them. My heart was pounding very hard and my head wasn’t thinking straight. My pulses were racing up.

Our complex had a security team, why haven’t they heard the loud noise yet?

As the screaming got louder I quickly ran to my bedroom, I nearly slipped and fell, but I balanced myself with the walls of the passage. I picked my phone and tried to dial the emergency number, but I quickly remembered that I came to look for my keys. I picked up my pants and searched for my keys – I found them. I pulled out my gun under the pillow. I only fired it once.

I rushed to the front door and just after I opened the door I heard what sounded like a gun shot, right in front of the door – a young girl was shot. As I tried to save her, the security team arrived.

“Put your gun down!” they shouted. Oh damn! I had a gun on my hand and a young girl shot dead on her head.

“I didn’t do it I swear.” I let out a loud mourn as I stood up and dropped my gun. Next thing I know, I saw residents that live by the complex, without having asked what happened; they all looked at me like I shot the young girl.

When the police arrived at the scene, they took the body and took me away to the local police station. I spent one night in the cells and it wasn’t funny. The walls were talking to me. My head was spinning, as I kept asking myself what happened. I was allowed to make one phone call, but who was I going to call? What was I going to say?

Everything led to me, my blood was tested and they found a drug in my blood. Was I then a killer? They say my gun fired two shots, only two bullets were missing. I tried to explain, but I couldn’t explain where and when was the second shot fired. It didn’t make sense to them; it didn’t make sense to me either.

I was then taken in for questioning.

Before questioning a friend of mine, Leah, came to visit me. I was with him at a party same night of the incident.

“I see you’re still alive.” Leah said as he let out a small smile.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean you’re still alive!”

“Did you hear what happened to me last night? Leah, you have to tell the cops that I wouldn’t do such thing. I was drugged – they tested my blood and found a drug in my body.”

“I saw what happened.” Leah let out a bigger smile this time.

“I don’t understand. What do you mean you saw what happened? Then why don’t tell the cops that I didn’t do it.”

“Let me first tell you what happened.” He said, as he leaned forward to me.

“4 o’clock in the morning you heard a knock on your front door. No actually it started at the party – around 12 am midnight, I spiked your drink with a new drug that needed testing. We call it Mira; it takes about 2 hours to kick in. Around 2 am you were already stoned, so I took you home but I still wanted to see how you would perform under the influence. My guys quickly organized a young girl for me. 4 o’clock you heard a knock on your front door. You rushed to the door, you then looked for your keys but couldn’t find them that’s because I drove you home and I put them in your pants. You rushed back to your room, as you entered I gave you your cell phone, but you won’t remember because that’s pretty much what Mira does to your mind. You picked your pants and found your keys. Now to make things more interesting, I gave you your gun. You didn’t pull it out yourself. You hand me whisper, saying; take your gun. I took out one bullet. You ran back to the door, and my guy was already on standby to shoot. As you opened the door, I called in the shot and made it look like you did it. With that, Mira has proven to be the most powerful pill ever created and it’s going international. Now do you want me to tell that to the cops?”

“No actually I don’t. The cops allowed me to record this conversation.” I said as took out a recording tape and pressed the stop button.

“You’re a bastard. I thought we were friends, I was going to bail you out.”

“When I was in the cell, the walls spoke to me. I connected every piece of information, thanks to your drug. I was able to access almost everything in my brain and worked everything. I must say, at first Mira got me all weak, but it all paid when I got back on my feet and managed to put it into good use.”

“Let’s make a deal; don’t put me to jail. I will bail you out and we will sell the drug together.” He said.

“Too late.” I said as I stood and called out for the detective who was right outside the door.

He listened to the tape.

“Well done Ben. I didn’t think you would do it, but you proved me wrong. Good job. You’re free to go.” The detective said smiling.

“As for you Mr. Leah, you’re going to prison for a long long time.”