Blue clear skies soon turned to an aggressive atmosphere with pitch-black clouds swirling. The cold breeze accompanied by a roar of the lightning told all, that indeed the weather has imposed its way to the present in a throbbing moment.

Increasingly few more rain drops filled the place. Soon the streets were overflowed with water. It was dark and scary because of the unexpected sudden weather changes. Before the rain, it was another hot summer day. Almost everyone was dressed up in love, the love of fashion; everybody wearing shorts that exposed their skin.

The poor guy stood there at the bus stop hopeless, his clothes wet and the rain still pouring hard. He constantly shook his hands against each other, creating friction to gain heat, his arms still dripping of rain drops. He looked up-next to him at a young lady in her early twenties, wearing a floral blue short dress. The lady had offered the guy an umbrella. They smiled to each other, they both connected. Who knew that the harsh, rainy weather could make two total strangers fall in love. It was obvious there was a connection, the lady was flattered and all the signs were there.

“I’m Lucas,”

“I’m Portia.”

They shook hands for so long it was hard to let go, the electricity was generated right there. Lucas gave Portia butterflies in her stomach; it was pure love and it was magical. Both of them claimed they never believed in love at first sight but they had a chance to prove that love at first sight does exist. Portia closed the umbrella and turned to Lucas. Holding his hand, looking right into his eyes, she felt complete she had finally found what she had been searching for all these years. Her fragile heart had been torn over and over again deep inside her she knew Lucas would never break her heart but he would mend this bruising heart of hers.


“I LOVE YOU!” She said and a tear drop rushed down her cheek.

“I LOVE YOU, Portia. Trust me when I say I have never felt like this before. With you in my life I’m complete. Promise me that you will never leave me. Please promise.” He begged.

“I promise.” She smiled, her eyes filled with tears. It was more like a dream come true. They allowed the rain to pour on them. To them the rain was a symbol of new beginnings and blessings to their love. They danced and danced in the rain.

They just wanted to run away to a world where only the two of them lived. But it was time to face reality; time to part ways, to go to different directions. The bus has arrived. Lucas had to be in that bus and Portia would catch the next bus to Pretoria. He hugged her tightly, not wanting to let her go. Everyone was in the bus and it was ready to go, there was no way Lucas could miss this one.

“I will go with you,” she ran into the bus and Lucas was astonished. He stood for a second and he smiled holding her hand.

They sat down. They were lucky they got seats because the bus was nearly full. The bus was going to Witbank, Lucas’s home town. It was going to be a long trip but with Portia by his side he bet it was going to be a short trip. He believed that time flew when he was with Portia. They talked, smiled and laughed. It was a beautiful fairy-tale for them. She fell asleep in his warm, tough arms.

The bus moved in high speed, it moved to the steep curvy rough road. It made strange sounds, clearly it was not taking the burden… The bus driver tried to manage the speed and the bus itself. Everything was back to normal. The bus overtook a slow moving car on the barrier line, indicating that overtaking was not allowed.


Bodies were scattered all over, there was blood everywhere. Sounds of emergency services filled the area. Red and blue lights flashing in and out. Portia tried to move her body but her body was in so much pain. She opened her eyes and confusion struck her. The lights made it worse; her head was spinning around. She forced herself to remember, to remember everything that had happened before this tragedy.

It must be tragic, she thought. The atmosphere was strange, everything was confusing. Her red, sleepy eyes longed to see more but the blue lights in the dark distracted her sight. She moved her heavy head to look around, her eyes were invited by bodies. Not just bodies. Dead bodies. She gasped.

“LUCAS!” She screamed at the top of her voice.


“She is alive,” a sound of a man rushed into her ears. She was alive, what about Lucas? Where was he? She sobbed uncontrollably.

She manage to find strength and walked to one paramedic. “Where is Lucas, my sweetheart? Where is he? What happened?”

“You were involved in an accident, you are lucky you have made it. Now let’s take you into the ambulance, we will take you to hospital, come…”

“No!!” She rolled herself down in a pool of blood. She was not ready to face the reality yet again. She was so scared but fear was catching up with her.

She saw Lucas being carried to a mortuary van. She cried out loud. “Please don’t leave me. Lucas Please…”

She crawled to the mortuary van and pleaded to touch Lucas and confirm it was him.

That was it. He was dead, there was nothing that she could do. She blamed herself for this. How could she blame herself? Wow could the love of her life leave her like that? A few hours ago she was the happiest woman on earth, now the saddest. She remembered how he had told her he loved her. She remembered how she had fell asleep in his arms, how they danced in the rain and how they never wanted to let go when they shook hands. She still couldn’t believe it.

Tears went dry, she lost her voice; her energy was drained. It was time for her to close the chapter too soon to their no happy ending tale.