As good as it is, am I expressing it the right way to you? Am I loving you the right way? Am I doing it right, am I loving you right? Am I showing it well to you, am I giving it right to you, is it love? Am I giving it enough to you, is it true as pure as it’s supposed to be, can it be defined as love to you?

Who doesn’t want to be loved in this world, who doesn’t want to feel loved, who doesn’t want love? Love is a great thing that joins two people together, connects a person with what they love doing as well, keeps a person wanting more. Love connects and keeps a person addicted to what they are doing. The person that they love could be anybody or anything that draws their attention.

This reminds me of when I was a teenager. I was the girl of the dreams, the dreams that I’m living today. Not that I’m bragging, I’m just sharing my life with you. Who knows, you probably could relate or this piece is meant give you hope or to find out if we similar experiences.

This has always been my love, not only my life, but with the version of other people. Bumped into relationships yes, teenage relationships where love is said without real meaning.

When I got older things changed, I grew up. Love is something not to be rushed into, there is so much more to love, to explore and find out. But the greatest love is loving yourself, focusing on yourself, growing up and dealing with yourself. Having a relationship with yourself that nobody can take away. Self-love is the greatest love that lives for a long period of time.

What about you, what’s your definition of love?


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