I am human, I make mistakes, I’m not perfect. I thought that I was strong, but apparently I’m not. I have to face consequences and betrayal.

“This is my year, my time to shine, to do all things and no one will tell me what to do!” Those were the words I said to myself. I lied to myself. I thought I was better but I’m not. I wish that one day I could reverse time and start afresh.

Friends’ betrayal, they are the ones that you trusted and told yourself that you’ll spend your forever with them. Snakes are discovered by the sight and sense of life. They look charming, innocent and perfect, but what they do is beyond. People pretend to be your friends, but as they reach the level that they wanted to accomplish, they forget you. Mostly, girls tend to pride themselves with a lot of things, they call themselves matured people yet they don’t show it. It’s better to be unholy than to pretend to be holy. It’s bad to hide under the word Christianity.

If you know that you are rotten meat don’t try to freshen yourself up by grouping with others and hiding under their name. The day you get caught, it shall be the worst moment of your life.

I don’t understand why girls like to pretend a lot. I don’t understand why as a human you need to make yourself a precious person. Hiding won’t help but will lead to exposure.

From what I know about life is that it teaches you a lesson. The things that you do will later haunt you. That is why I choose to focus on what is guaranteed for me at the end than to focus on things that are unnecessary.

Leave people who are not needed in your life. Check where you hang out and who you tell your story to. Life is unfair only to those that choose it to be unfair. Let a precious soul leave its life without any complications.

Life has its own risk, the same as for a disabled person. It’s like being alone in a cage. Mostly, it’s like losing what means a lot to you and that thing is taken by your enemy. It’s like a broken heart that’s broken into many pieces that glue cannot put back into one piece again. Love is the only magical thing that can put it back together and make it stronger than anything.

I feel like the more they gossip the more I grow intelligently and the more I see things relevantly.

Set yourself, set your goals. Live your life and be the leader of your own person. My mission is to live and carry on with my life, with peace and harmony upon my life.


Tell us what you think: Do you think girls are more pretentious that boys?