While waiting for the dust to settle, we wave goodbye to the memories we share.

Those moments will forever live in my heart – moments of longevity, freedom, and joy – and it will never get old.

Until we meet again, my brothers. The world will definitely know that we were here, there, and everywhere, because we will leave black footprints everywhere our feet touch. Then we will travel back to our nests and stare at the sky while sharing a deep connection with the stars. At that moment, we will know that there will be a tomorrow.

Let the children play!

While we wait for the sunrise to give birth to flesh during the day, dreamers will have dreams filled with a euphoria that allows them to just be. Victory is written all over our bodies, and even our blisters will testify that we once bleed in victory. We will dance in the rain and scream “glory to the most high” while accepting the blessings that allow us to seize the day and allow raindrops to slip through our fingers. What can I say, it was in our blood and veins, and it was also in our culture to live it to the fullest.

Let the children play!

Have you forgotten what it is to live? What it is to speak your mind, or breathe, or love, or embrace? Have you forgotten what it is to feel for each other and love sincerely, Un-apologetically, and Unconditionally? Have you forgotten what it is to live life like a kid?

We are overwhelmed by the ying-and-yangs of the cosmos and desperately seek a recipe for perfection, but, in my eyes, I know nothing of such. Indeed, we are two different breeds living in the same space and time. Every day I see the young teaching the old about how young the night still is. I see them teaching the old about hopes, dreams, and the innocence that never leaves and always defines our true being. I’m perfectly flawed because, in this arena called life, I am nothing but a spirit in ellipsis, ready to perform, exist, live and outlive.

So let the children play.

Let them sing, shout, cry, laugh, and be whoever they want to be. Let them do those things because the days are never truly gone and the world has not changed. It’s just the spirit that needs an awakening.

So, let the children play because you might learn a thing or two from them.

Send my regards to your inner child.

Let the children play.

Ps, from me to you.


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