“The 1884 gold-seekers rush to Barberton was probably the greatest rush of all.”

Hath though where thy archaeological quote cease to exist upon thee thereof?

Inevitably, I let appeal surpassing history lesson [though knowers not; bound to repeat it] upon existence concomitant relationship composition amongst man, discovery and compulsorily – judgment, respectively.

Imperatively, in extrapolative essence, the lesson thought, configures generation knowledge to such kind a “judgment” solely relating to mankind-prejudice, society echoing being oldest practice assuming continuous sentimental gist unto.

Climax understanding, conceding present-day duration, this practice established and extended sequestration divisions; man and nation challenging-attest contest, extensively: human legacy versus nations discovery, deepens to surge.

Daunting reveals triumphant trails trample footsteps paths of formers, Paul S. Kruger, Dingaan S. Zulu; settlers -Voortrekkers, Jan van Riebeeck’s “footprints”; Tom McLachlan and Erasmus Jacobs-discovers… “…who made it possible to trade in the world markets, in diamonds, in gold, in the same food our stomach’s yearn” – T. Mbeki, in due course, daunting credibility sought, legitimacy.

Significantly, proximity regarding the practice-it’s deeds, aspirations & objectives in will hope, anchor RSA’s primitive age reverted mono-timeline edition…such be a town. Both entailed adhesive form towards today practices upon travelling series illuminated town’s motion-yearning minerals, migration, trade; supreme freedom desires – wealth.

Though pinnacle on last stage of climax step, such were spearheaded by one angle: founding fathers; on the other hand, undoubtedly-pioneer.

Discretion honoured ‘mine’ vehemently, vouch to verbatim; latter my verbal vocal sound-tone[voice]par post, present lauded “Eureka” exulted languages [word’s] shared upon towns three-pillar genres concomitant forefathers; pioneer towards town:
1]The Politics-Decades [Interim statutes].
2]The Economics-Millenniums [Relevancy force prospects].
3]The Environment-Centuries [Adoptability; nature, geology and plant archaeology].
Intermittently, poses ask question: Situates “Today’s Generation” in which genre, measure relationship between founders, migrants & pioneer?

Broadly enlightening, should judgment art attributive to modern-modest three genres spheres, undoubtedly, it’s the governing auspices vision set, unto[journey for destiny in legacy] the “Today Generations” – Socials, pioneer.

Indisputably, this aftermath occasion provision ‘this’ indispensable truth revealing cyclical form still being in evolution-continuity-ownership meaning on timeline; definition.
*Old version:
“1880 origin town-set on gold rush discovery, resulting European migrants indulgence influx, riches fulfilling(beginning);hopes faltering, at end”.

APPREHENSION told; pledge I Commission of sovereign possession to Notion..
Thus, let one trade be defined:
“Supreme historical treasure, archaeological nature, human development consolidation; anchored progression, principled through illuminating wisdom-establishing leaders, pioneers, founders for ingenuity, beauty, monetary wealth gains, legacy. surpasses set motivational motion enlightening encouragement; defeating odds – economically, socially: frontiers change aspirers in power judgment” BARBERTON ([judged] its founding fathers & the ancestral journey pioneer [inspirer]).

Piet Meiring’s, Dynamite &Daisies novel, depicts presence: History Man shared ancestry on path journey for own needs-feeds, retrieves…lead migratory; legacy discovery pioneer.
“Judgment Scale”: destiny [discovery] wealth to journey [legacy].
“Judgment verdict”: Man balancing demagoguery prejudice ideology supposed adjacent false weight pressure philosophy upon Barberton.

Pondering the paradox assertion:
Recalls yesterday’s town founders – Harry, Fred Barber.
Reflecting “imaginary photo album [memory]”…Analysis accrued-narrate family journey settler..
Gebore in 1909 Botshabelo, Frystaat. By 1930, ‘n vrou wie sy baas [Mnr Malan] het gewerk vir; 1945 met die Malan familie, toe het met ‘n trein gery na Barberton dorp. Tot vandag – bly sy hier; ek en die res van familie het gebore en groot geword hier
Violet ‘L. Gecelo [great grandmother]”- the pioneer(inspirer).

Orthodox: I proverbially vowed society discrimination speech, disseminated under-estimation – Barberton; prior fair state trial of knowledge enquiry, propaganda.

Politically, socially, Barberton set first trails accommodation, consolidated Fitzpatrick; Jock [Bushveld] dog; European-world migrant prospectus figures intra [then] Eastern Transvaal. Cultivated treason seasons of multitude injustices (war, slavery) climate, turbulent trials, multiple triumph profession – begotten just causes democracy, unity, peaceful liberty…sounds of silence…

Economically, awards (richest, oldest production [Sheba] gold mine), tokens discretion change, decision-making, laureate lauds: prestigious established SA’s first successful gold rush, stock exchange, pubs, hotels – transforming-riches to wealthy; diggers mineralogy prospectus to monetary share managers; claimers to owners…Sammy Marks, Edwin Bray, Cockney Liz, notably realising honour at world palm.
Environmentally, housing renowned beauty scenery – archean 3.2bn yrold Makonjwa Greenstone Belt, Daisy Jamesonni: genesis.
Out sparked tumultuous malaria; tsetse fly diseases, prepared & bolstered man-adapting, adopting present pandemonium nature courses provide.

Today, I recourse resignation apology; appoint regret. Features world heritage site, proceed accommodating; restoring fades of misery; heritage hopes of treasury-financially, mineralogy, monumental, plethora…

Violet’s [inspirer] journey to Barberton, inspired me:
I am the presidential king monarchy owner, enshrined-drafted, own self-elected, life-living statute drafted constitution.
I am the economic capitalist withholding monopoly monetary dreams privatized visions.
I am proudly mono militant terrorist soldier; belligerent-boasting [flaunt] heritage information war for poly egalitarian knowledge, unity, liberty share.
*Violet; Barberton, planted knowledge thought (cover):
“Your future is what you prefer & plan; what you experience & learn, is your destiny”.
Concur: I harvest; surpass [share] lesson learned:
“Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth”.