I woke up and realised that I had a name, I had a shelter, only to find that there is a very powerful word behind that, a right! A right to a name and a right to a shelter.

I uttered words, words from my own perspective without anyone holding me captive of all guilt and selfishness. I asked why I was told I had the right to freedom of expression. My right, my freedom.

With care I will hold and with pride I will embrace, because of the touching stories of those who went to exile so that I could walk free.

The Bill Of Rights is something I learned at school, where I gazed at it and as I scanned it. It spoke powerful words to me that I have the right to education. “The most powerful weapon that I could use to change the world”, under the guidance of my right and my freedom.

The right to health-care protects my well-being and ensures health at all times. Acknowledging that there is someone out there who cares about my health and implemented such a right makes my whole world light up like the state of California.

Human Rights Day is essential to me because I know, through the right of education, that there is someone out there who does not know their grandparents because of me.

With pride, I thank God for the people who went to exile, people who deviated from disputes and chose to be held captive for me so that I could be in this amazing dome of rights. My rights were fought for by the greatest, the bravest, the considerate, the loving, the caring, and the chosen!

I know that I am fortunate to be going around carrying the Holy Book- preaching under the right, “Everybody has the right to religion,” and spending time having fellowship in my church without any repercussions in line. With no fear of persecution!

On this day, 21 March 2015, I choose to make the right choice. In as many rights that shield me, each is accompanied by a responsibility and therefore, I choose to be responsible. With rheumy eyes I reflect back and realize that greatness is to be celebrated by honouring their memories and continuing with the legacy that they left, the legacy of freedom! I celebrate with pride my rights and my freedom, brought forth to me by the mother vanishing to other countries to express myself and telling people something irrelevant and completely foreign.