Khensy grew up to become a police officer. She grew up to protect the society against all sorts of criminals. She became the captain of her life. Overcame all the challenges she came across. She fulfilled all of her dreams and aspirations. She became the woman that inspire some of us today.

Her life wasn’t all glamorous before. She lived the kind of life that could’ve landed her in prison. She was a member of some “gang”, amongst all of them, she was the only girl.

Society hated her. No one wished her well in life. Everyone, myself included wanted to her to end up in jail. She almost did end up in prison, when a security guard was shot and killed during a robbery. She almost got a 20 year jail sentence.

She lived with her mom and her stepfather, she was the only child. Her parents got divorced when she was only 2-years-old. To this day she doesn’t know who her father is. Her life was normal until the abuse started. Her stepfather took advantage of her and molested her as a child. Khensy’s mother on the other hand was the victim of domestic abuse, both mother and daughter fell prey to his abusive acts.

She was suffering and that was clear yet, no one offered to help. Gangsterism became her only escape. She felt empowered and that’s how she began to live. She was always involved in fights with rival gangs fighting became her only escape, the only way she could vent out her anger. No one dared to mess around with her, that’s the kind of reputation she had.

Her gang buddies were the only people who understood her situation. Most of them had been through similar situations. They were the ones who supported her when the rest of us didn’t even care to ask her how she was doing.

Khensy was at her aunt’s house the night of the robbery, she was the only member who wasn’t there to take part in the robbery. That’s how she escaped jail that night. She came back from her aunt’s only to find out what had happened. Everyone was surprised when they saw her. She was lucky indeed. Her friends were sentenced 20 years each in jail. They’re still serving out that sentence today. From that day forward she was a loner, no friends, no one to talk to and no escape from her miserable life. Her fears came to live and her actions reflected her anger. She started using drugs. She lost it.

It was on a Thursday afternoon when, I saw her with her aunt. It was on that Thursday that her life changed. It was on that day, that the Khensy we know today was born. Like most victims, Khensy’s mother never got her lucky break. She never reported her husband to the police, she hide her scars behind heavy make-up. Her body was all bruised up and she believed that what was being done to her was her fault.

It’s true what old folks say, “Never judge a book by its cover “. I learned a valuable lesson and I think that everyone should learn it too. Not everything is as it appears to be, we only see what we want to see.

Her life taught me one thing. That there are no hurdles that are too big to overcome. We all have problems and judging each other won’t be of any help. Life will always be challenging, but it’s only up to us to choose how we take on those challenges.

Khensy fulfilled her dreams. She became a role model in our lives. She fought against all odds to become the person that she is today. She overcame what seemed to be impossible.

If an ex-convict can become a writer, a former gangster can become a police officer and a toddler can become a disc jockey then what could possibly stop me from living my dream?