Denying is not a choice and neither is it an option. Wait, it is an option though, without resentment or a supporting second option. I dare make my statement clear: It is a choice without a choice.

We all saw the prophecy but we decided to ignore it. I still remember those icy blue eyes piercing every soul in every corner of the city. The bill boards hung everywhere, even Vision Future Inc. had turned its normal glass window into a technological screen. No one could miss those headquarters. In the dull evening those icy blue eyes would shine more in the centre of the city where it was located.

Juan Seer surrounded the city, “The world’s youngest and reborn visionary” as the bill boards stated. Alongside her icy blue eyes the crystal ball was outstanding with an image of a city with darkness glooming over it. If dining with Dracula and Frankenstein was freaky, then this was way scarier.

“When the clock strikes midnight, Inception begins. It will sneak in like a ghost who lost his inner peace and sleep. Only dawn will show Inception. Enjoy your freewill as of now because denying won’t be a choice and acceptance will be the only choice without a choice.”

Truth be told, there was neither choice nor option for us to deny and say that we didn’t see or heard of the prophecy. Genesis was a proclamation but Inception; it is for now and forever. Inception: The establishment or starting point of an institution or activity. In our case it was an establishment of an activity. Gone were the days of democracy and free will. Fight or flight was not the best way to describe 2044 but fight to survive was the best way to describe it.

“Muni Nguye,” I looked up to follow the voice calling out my name. My eyes finally settled on the curly haired man who seemed no older than 25, but his posture and tone exuded high authority. He had to be the Alpha or second in command of the sector I was allocated to. You were not just placed anywhere, your ability was tested through Access Assessment tests.

My eyes drifted from him to stare at the board above his head.

“City Rangers?” I exclaimed more loudly than I expected as my eyes flew wide like saucers. I think they made a mistake. I was so sure that I was going to be located under the easiest sector not this. City rangers was a sector that went around cleaning the city, ridding it from all raids and gangs being carried around every corner of the city. But it was job was not precisely to rid all bad omen, but that was to be explained once you arrived there.

It was one of the hardest sectors out there; actually it came up as the first out there. Many people came back just after their first day of being there. No, it didn’t bring excitement to be brought back. You were to be considered as a rogue as you no longer belonged in any sector.

Fight to survive made much more sense when you became rogue because being part of a sector brought a slight sense of belonging and much more privileges than being rouge.

“It’s time Honey!” I stared at my dad who tried to master up his best courageous look but it was hard for him just as it was for me.

Within a few seconds I was wrapped in his warm arms. It brought me into tears to realise that this would be my last time to enjoy his warm embraces. The same embrace that made me grow into who I was since he was the only one to look after me since I was young. The same embrace that calmed me on my stormy days. The same…

“Muni Nguye.”

“You better get going honey.” He said as he tried to remove me from his arms. Not yet please, just a little bit more. I kept chanting the mantra in my head but it was to no use. You can’t defy the law. I can’t deny my calling but instead must accept it. It was a choice without a choice.

I glanced at my dad once more as I carried my duffel bag and prepared to set off to my destined location.

“Be bold Muni. I didn’t give you all the care in the world to have you grace me with those ugly sorrowful smiles.”

Having a last laugh at my dad’s words, I put on the bravest smile for him. Just seeing the crinkles by his eyes as he laughed was enough for me to set off with much more determination; to go out there and make him proud. Saluting him like a soldier off to army, I set off to my location.

I look at the bus in front of me; anyone could tell that it was a school bus that was repainted. It suited the sector it belonged to as the name City Rangers was written in bold letters emphasizing the kind of power the sector held. Glancing back once more, I saw my dad still standing in the crowd. He became smaller and smaller as the crowd grew larger around him. Keeping myself focused on where I was going, I took my first step into the bus and sat at the very last sit of the bus.

Everyone looked solemn like there was no hope, as if this was a new direction to hell itself on earth.

“Every single thing has a flaw because nothing can ignite into perfection. If a human being is not born into perfection, what could make it difficult for us to believe that Inception is an utter flaw itself and we’ll be back to normal anytime soon?”

“Nothing, because Inception is neither a choice nor option itself, but a gateway to revive the lost hope of the city and every dead soul.” I reply with the best confidence I could master.

“Indeed! Inception is a gateway to teach people to value free will and not overuse it. I’m Gregory Seer, Alpha of all sectors in the city and Chief Operator of the City Rangers.” The same curly man who called my name introduced himself. He had the same icy blue eyes and a slight resemblance to the face that haunted every single corner of the city before the prophecy came to be true.

Juan Seer… Gregory Seer… Could they be siblings?

“It will sneak in like a ghost who lost his inner peace and sleep.” I tried to recall the words that accompanied the bill boards. Recognition laced my eyes as I came to the realisation of the real reason behind Inception that was hidden from us.

“You… Y…You are the‐ th‐he ghost who had no inner peace. You are reviving that peace and rest you‐yyo‐you lost right. Inception with redemption.” I stammered as I saw the corners of his mouth pull together into a small smile.

What did this mean?

“We are here!” he exclaimed as my eyes followed his to stare at the large building that stood before us, so high in its glory that it had never been tainted. Vision Future Inc. was in front of us just as it was back then. The only difference was the image displayed in the technological glass. It was an image of a man holding a huge fortune glass which stood outstanding as it shined in brightness that was being spread all over the city.

I didn’t fail to recognise those icy blue eyes, no one could miss them. How did we miss this? Were we ignorant like before to notice that Inception was not here to last…

“Because alongside Inception there’s redemption.” I whispered to no one in particular. A loud booming brought me out of my reverie to realise that the Alpha was no longer next to me but now standing in front of the whole bus. His voice was no longer soft like before but now icy and cold. I didn’t fail to realise the glimmer in his eyes and a small unnoticeable smile as his eyes stayed focused on mine.

“Welcome freshmen, this is inception at its rawest point. We don’t take wimps but visionaries. You can’t be a City Ranger without being a visionary.” He stared at me a little bit longer as his lips quirked up into a smirk. “Let the games begin or should I say INCEPTION WITH REDEMPTION!?”