One day, the president of a prestigious company decided to step down from his position and give an opportunity to one of his workers to take over from him. He summoned four candidates for the job and told them his decision, and said to them: “One of you will win the position if you pass a test. I will give you some plant seed and after four months, I will decide the winner, based on his attention to the seed.”

The four candidates carried out the orders, and looked after their plants. Every week the four shared their progress, except for the one person, who remained silent.

On the appointed day, everyone attended a meeting with his plants, but the silent person didn’t bring anything with him. The president started to review the plants carefully, and when he saw the silent person had no plants with him, he asked him: “What happened to your seed?”

The man replied: “I tried everything but I couldn’t get the seed to grow!”

The president replied: “You’re the new president of this company! I gave you all rotten seeds, and the result was that you replaced them with new ones, but this man didn’t deceive me. So, his honesty earned him my trust.”