Sihle was the silent girl at school; she did not like to talk. She was smart and her classmates hated her because the teachers liked her a lot. On her way to school she met Thato, she greeted Sihle but Sihle was shy. Thato was like Sihle, they both became friends. At lunch time they met on the rock that Sihle liked to sit on.

“I am bored and the sun is hot, I wish I could go to the sea,” said Thato with a low voice.

“Good for you, having a good time. Me, it’s just a mess, I wish I could hit that girl called Fatty, she thinks she’s better than us my friend,” said Sihle so angrily.

Thina, the coolest girl at school who had everything she wanted, came to where the girls were.

“Hey you idiots, you have to write my homework,” she threw the book at Sihle and laughed.

“Is she OK? I am going to tell my mother.” Thato left to tell Thina that she was going to tell her mother. After school, Sihle saw Thina at the gate with Thato and she was so shocked.

“What? You Thato, aren’t you my friend? Why are you on Thina’s side?”

Thina said, “Are you for real? Look at you and look at me, do you think I could be your friend, duuhhhh?” They all laughed as Sihle ran to her mother.

Sihle’s mother asked her, “What’s wrong my baby, come on talk to mommy?”

“Mom, I thought Thato was my friend. I regret the day I met her,” she said crying on her mother’s shoulder.