Long time ago when I was still a very little boy, my family was full of joy. It was not just a happy family, but a big family with love in it. Life was just something we enjoyed every single moment.

As time went by things began to change from a bad situation to a better one where we could afford to eat in the top restaurants at any time. Most people around us even wished they were part of our family.

After a long time we meet a man from Nigeria who was a sangoma. Meeting the man was something great at the time because he was in love with my sister. Within four years the sangoma began to take money from my sister and he was building a house in his home country. That was not all he was after. He was looking to destroy all the good things we could achieve as a family. He then started by destroying the love, trust and faith we shared as a family so that he could achieve his goals.

From that day on we never lived a better life ever again. After destroying our happy family, he returned back to his country.

Today the man is the owner of the biggest companies in the USA which was formed with my sister’s resources and he has a big house in Nigeria with his wife and kids.


Tell us: Do you think the family can still be restored?