As we live and cherish one another, let us also know and understand that everything that we desire, dream of, hope of, wait on and even seek from God is within us.

All the good jobs that we started dreaming of, from the time we started our school at kindergarten or nursery school are within us, waiting for us to release them to the world. Anyone can become the type of person that he or she wants to be in life. If one wants to be a writer, a pastor, a journalists, an editor, a manager, or an economist and others, it all starts within us, our hardworking spirit, our courageous heart, and even a mind for aiming high. This doesn’t depend on where you come from. It can be Africa, Asia, Europe or America. Whether you are black or white, live in a shack or a mansion, everyone has that one job that he or she is looking for, inside his or her heart.

The desire of having good and well ventilated houses is in all of us. Those big and well-structured houses that we visualise in our eyes or minds can be brought to reality. Only if we ask God to guide us to our dreams and that he should make them possible in our lives. For he is the God that makes the impossible possible. Just like the way he opened or divided the red sea for the Israelites to escape from the cruel pharaoh to his land of milk and honey.

The hope to be a good and humble husband was also installed in us. We sometimes think that we cannot make a good husband for a certain woman’s life, just because we doubt ourselves or see ourselves as being not qualified to have such character. But we should know and realise that God himself buried that treasure inside our body.

On the other hand, the hope to be a lovely wife on someone else’s land is also well packed inside our bag of life, as we breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. I know most of you have experienced both sides of love, either the negative or the positive of love. From these experiences, I think we do know how to differentiate between a good wife and a bad wife. This just shows that the lovely type of wife that we want to create in someone else’s life is stored in us.

The tears of joy are also well natured within us. All that matters the most is a hardworking spirit amongst us, as we live here on earth in everything that we are doing, so as to avoid seeing those tears of joy turning into sad tears.

The intelligence that we also ask from God was also planted in us by only God himself. The intelligence or knowledge that we desire doesn’t come to us like a stranger or a miracle. God himself planted it in us, for us to use it and to know the difference between what is good and bad and even to live a meaningful life.

The desire to start our own business is within us. God himself placed that element in our brain, to use so as to get money when we want to see the fruits of our labour. Besides education and other means that lead us to get money to support our families and other meaningful purposes here on earth.

All the good kids that we want to see in our lives are there inside us, with the type of qualities that we want them to satisfy in our eyes. They are there in us, ready to kiss this world after nine months.

In summation; for us to see all the good things we want to see, all the good things we want to happen and exists in our lives., we just have to use our brain carefully, by utilising all the knowledge that the Lord planted in us. God’s masterpiece is more powerful and knowledgeable than the greatest philosopher that ever lived here on earth.