When I heard my mother telling me about how racism affected their life growing up in 1976, I thought the youth of today is lucky to experience somewhat better conditions, maybe I was wrong? In a country where boundaries have been watered down, for them it was like a concrete jungle, no grant for child care, cheap labour, no benefits like unemployment funds, compensation funds etc. But still I see no changes.

We can’t go on pretending that everything is okay, while other countries are still trapped in this mentality that one race is superior to the other. President of America, Donald Trump, still promotes this mentality through political power. South Africa, being a developing county, how can we stretch ties for world economic development if there are boundaries?

Racism is a chronic illness that needs a cure for future generations to be free of prejudice and discrimination. In God’s eyes we are equal, different colours but one people.

If this world is a house, I too must have a leaving room, because we all feel a need to survive and leave willingly. It will start with good teachings for us to say we are civilised. Something is wrong with our educational system, it might mean we are following bad orientation which needs a solution.

Through human exploitation; as a result cultural, political, economic and religious experiences have been with us since the dawn of time. Racial and biological difference has been a justification of human oppression in recent history.

I suggest we need to eliminate the government’s political programme, promoting this belief and promoting of one race over the other. We must teach universal love, respect and peace. What this means is that we have to understand each other, inform and work together, learning with each other despite culture and colour. With this formula our generation can make a positive change.

The point is that it’s not about the issues of race. Rather it’s about the surface level of expression from major conflict evolutionary value systems. These systems are complex coping decision-making processes, a way of thinking that emerges in response to a problem of existence.

Racism is not a problem, it’s a symptom of a problem. Prejudice, discrimination, concerned diversity are not social problems. They are social symptoms of a bigger problem. What is a problem? It’s an emergent value system. These value systems in turn serve as a “magnet” that attracts or repels people’s beliefs. We need to value each other for a future free of racism. In the end its one world, and everyone has their own story to tell.

All I wanted to do is to tell my story, even if it’s uncomfortable to speak about the stereotype mentality that needs psychological healing.


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