Are you unemployed? Does your future look bleak? Is your life stagnant? Do you hate the fact that others are prospering and becoming successful while you seem to not be making any form of progress?

Think and question yourself and more in particular question the reality you see. I hope you realise that this reality can be changed at any moment and at any time miracles will begin happening.

Although I’m unemployed, I know for certain that the mind-set and attitude I have will ultimately determine my future. I can easily give up and lose all hope, drown myself in alcohol and drugs – worst of all I could commit suicide. Truth of the matter is, that it’s so hard to see so many prosper. The people who prosper get jobs, purchase cars and houses, lavishly endowed with the best life.

Any man, I believe, will give up and feel hopeless under so much pressure to succeed in life. Only by being successful do you become worthy and recognisable as a human being. The pain of constantly applying for work and getting no response and worst of all facing constant rejection because of my race, lack of experience and lack of knowledge.

So many jobs are advertised every day, so how is it that I never get called for interviews or even confirmation that my CV has been received? I could rant the whole day showing my frustrations but instead I chose to read books and exercise. There are no excuses or reasons to not better yourself as a human-being irrespective of the fact that you may not be gaining any material possession momentarily.

Self-development is a crucial ingredient for success, but more so important is never to accept your life the way it may be. Change your mind-set: read that statement again and again, read it a thousand times if you must. Mind-set is a set of beliefs, outlooks and mental attitude of everything in life. Therefore, the secret lies not in the outer world but instead in the inner one.

We are never in poverty unless we accepted that as the truth, it’s all in our minds. Trust me as I write down these words at this very moment. I can’t even rub two coins together, I’m drowning in so much debt that I’m afraid to even answer my phone. I have been unemployed for well over several months.

But as delusional as I might sound, I believe myself to be incredibly wealthy. I’m a man who is rich in prosperity and abundance, whether I’m going mad or have already lost my mind I don’t know. But never will I accept or even give my energy and attention to poverty for I know that a man is what he thinks himself to be, and this I believe is the greatest secret and truth to life.


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