Education is lecturing other people about a certain subject. Education is the passing of knowledge in a formal way from one person to another. It leads one to a certain career. Education never fades away from those who are educated.

A highly educated country is competitive, mostly economically. The standard of living improves. The life expectancy of its people gets even higher. More people are employed. When more people get jobs, it means the government earns a lot of revenue through tax. Then it gets much easier for the government to improve infrastructure such as schools, libraries, and other social services. The country would then be classified as a developed country rather than a developing country. A country with educated citizens has low crime, poverty, and unemployment rates. The government departments of those countries run smoothly, hence there are qualified employees in the right positions. With an educated workforce, there is a guarantee that the results will be fruitful. The government spends much of its budget on education. That clearly shows how vital education is.

During the apartheid regime, black people were denied a chance to education. Bantu education was below par. They had no such right back then. But today things are different thanks to those who fought for our freedom. Each and every ordinary South African has a right to education, and if that right is violated, legal actions are expected to be practised against the violator. Education has been made free by the government to accommodate those who cannot afford to pay for it. Our late former president Mr. Nelson Mandela loved education with all his heart and even encouraged people to be educated. Education improves one’s intellectual skills. With no education, you almost feel outdated in this modern world. People who are educated live a much better life.