In my community I feel unsafe because some people use drugs and some people take actions to report the case to the police. In our community there are people selling drugs to young children and they are abusing their future to use drugs. Some boys drink alcohol and use drugs and they have been forced to use drugs by their friends.

Many boys leave school because they have been found using drugs at school and teachers take action to send them out of the school. Some people make friends with the wrong people – those using drugs, drinking alcohol. And the gangsters influence young people to use drugs or drink alcohol.

In my community we don’t trust people. Some young children have been raped by their family members. Some have even been killed by someone in their community. People rob houses and take the things that we have in the house.

I feel unsafe in my community because some people rape young children and kill them afterwards.

Peers can pressure you into using drugs or selling drugs to younger children at school. Peer pressure can influence you to do terrible things. In our school or community, people should take those who use drugs to the police. Some children end up on the street – like street kids – because they can’t stay in their home because they are in danger.

Some people who use drugs steal from their mothers to get money. And, then they end up in jail because of drugs and alcohol.

When you are addicted your parent must take you to rehab. Some people have died young because of drug use. Some people have killed themselves because they have been raped by someone.

Young people should not use drugs because it will affect their body, and make them ill and possibly they will die. Some children drink alcohol because of something that happened in their house – like losing a loved one, such as your mother at a young age.

Young children should not drink alcohol or use drugs because they waste their time on drink and then leave school so don’t get educated. Some people try to find work because they have left school at an early age.

In my community we don’t trust anyone because they could rape or kill us. Some of them have killed their family because they want money to use drugs. Some of them rob their mothers because they want things to sell to get drugs or alcohol. They must learn to follow their parent’s instructions.