For every time you cry know that someone is laughing at you. Dreams were never made for failures but for achievers. For the fact that you can imagine your fruitful destiny makes you every living individual. Until you have life, there us hope. Many individuals are dying to get a second chance to rewrite the wrongs because they have come to realise amount of time they have missed. Today if you can wake someone in mutual and give him a second chance, he would be the best version of himself, why so? He has realised that dreams without action are just wishes waiting to perish.

One thing is real and that’s your day is coming to die. Everything you have become will come to an end, inherited by future generation and the question is what do you want to leave for children to hold on. Do you want to leave “hunger, poverty, pain” for your children to burg for foods across all streets and getting slammed for begging food. How would you feel as you alive someone knock in your door with a video tape of what you have done in the last five years of your time, would be happy to watch that video with friends and family, would your children be grateful and be proud of you, making you their first role model in the game.

What do you want to leave behind? Forget what people are saying about you, focus on you, sit down with you have a conversation with you ask yourself where did I go wrong? Analyse yourself because the very person that keeps letting you down is you. You too shy of what people will say. You are too busy rubbing other people’s nose who rub you when you fall.

Wake up today and find what you good at. Focus on cultivating and moulding it until it becomes you. To dream means you must be into your visions because it’s the only shelter of your glory. A certain quote I came across that says, “Focus on achieving one goal, let others alone.” “It’s a profound quote that tells you focus is key. If you hold two glasses one with water and milk on other hand for a distance of 5m chances of reaching final destination with these glasses still in same position as there were previously is impossible. I’m trying to say focus on one thing hold the one you need protect it until you reach your destiny. Yes you may not arrive with the glass full as it was but at least there is still a lot in the glass to drink for rather than losing all at once.

We were born to achieve not to fail, so why are you failing? Why you even think you are a loser because losers are six feet underground. How do you call losing if you still have life? Oh wait maybe I’m confusing myself with life, isn’t the same life as the one you always stare at on TV, social media, magazines and across the road? If I’m not mistaken, they breathe the same oxygen as you, how come you different from them? Not matter how rich or poor you are you, the only ticket to your continued abilities is life. You have it, own it. Let your inner believe you can. No one will create success for you, the only person to blame is you because you are wasting time doing gossip and bullying other people doing lots of social media. You are busy thumbing up the works of others when you get thumbed back? What is it that you do, we can remember you about? There is not time as thus life promise no tomorrow, it’s now or never!


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