Happiness and Joy were friends. Happiness was a kind girl and Joy was her crazy friend. One night they went to a nightclub to get some drinks. At the club they spotted a guy who was in casual clothes.

“I wouldn’t ever date a guy who looks like he does, I’m sure he’s broke,” said Joy.

“He looks nice,” said Happiness.

The guy came to them. He greeted them and tried to talk to them, but Joy said they were not into him. The guy said he was not interested in Joy; he was talking to Happiness. Happiness agreed to talk to him and they went to get a drink.

After a while a guy came to Joy and they went to get a drink too. Joy ordered an expensive champagne for the two of them.

It was late when they were all going home. Happiness and the first guy went to the parking lot. Joy and her boyfriend went to the parking lot too. Joy saw that her boyfriend was driving a Corolla and she was disappointed because she thought he would be driving a Rolls-Royce.

While she was still feeling a little disappointed, a waiter came and told Joy that her boyfriend did not pay their bill; the bill was expensive and Joy’s boyfriend could not afford it. Joy had to pay for the expensive champagne.

Happiness came along with her boyfriend and he was driving a Rolls-Royce. Joy asked how a guy who looked like he did could drive an expensive car.

The guy said, “Just because I wear casual clothes doesn’t mean that I’m broke, and to let you know, I own this nightclub.”

Joy was ashamed and asked Happiness if they could go home together. Happiness said she was going in her new boyfriend’s Rolls-Royce. They left Joy alone in a devastating state.

Happiness turned to Joy before they left and said, “My friend, here’s some advice: you should never judge a book by its cover.”


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