I’m a 15 years old girl who has a dramatic little sister. At first, our relationship was strong, and it was filled with love and respect for each other. I would wake up early, take a bath, then prepare her for going to Pre-school. But then all that changed as soon as she began talking.

I became nothing but just a tissue used in the toilet to her. Our parents took it lightly, and all they said about it was that she was just a child.

Well, in life, everything grows. My sister’s behaviour got worse, but this time around it had a timetable. She would do something when the parents were not around, then run to them saying that I had beaten her or that I had said something bad to her.

My parents started telling me bad things too, saying that I hated my little sister, I had pride, and that I was mistreating my little sister as if she was a child from the neighbours. I started blaming God for giving me a little sister who took my happiness away. As time went by, I realised that God was by my side and that it was never too late.

My parents eventually started realising just how bad their child’s behaviour was, but it was already too late because my little sister was already too deeply set in her bad behaviour. My parents eventually realised how much of a monster the child they created was. She always has answers for everything, and she responds as if she is talking to her peers.

When a tomato is rotten, you can’t make it fresh again. All I am trying to say is that, parents should teach their little ones how to have respect because, once one is taught respect, she/he will grow up with it and nothing will change it.


Tell us: Why is respect important from a young age?