I am from the outskirts of a village named Rathoke, which is situated in Limpopo Province. I was raised by a loving family and in my home we were never taught much about good and evil but we were taught how to love earnestly! I remember my late grandfather, who shall forever be loved, giving out Jesus’ teachings about love. I don’t recall him mentioning anything to do with being too good or too bad, but he emphasized that we must be eager to love.
My home is very rural, yet I felt safe and never worried about going out a lot. Many things were happening which amazed me. Things like our neighbors milking the cow, random people passing by while riding donkies or people slaughtering cows when there is a funeral, wedding or any ordinary ritual celebration. This didn’t and still doesn’t sit well with people who do not have the same beliefs as us or just ordinary city people, but I don’t blame them as we are different.

My hood, my home is just amazing except for labor part. We would wake up as early as five to go fetch water, then afterwards get some wood from the forest; it was no fun at all. When it’s time for harvest we help in picking ripe vegetables from the garden and during ploughing time we also play our part in weeding out unwanted plants. What I still love about my home is the fresh morning breeze and despite the fact that we don’t have enough job opportunities, at least after matric we get the chance to come look for jobs in the city.

I have learned so much from my grandfather; from fixing electrical appliances to riding bicycles. Even my aunties taught me a lot, like how to cook, clean and do laundry and I am forever grateful for this. They also encouraged me to finish my Matric! I am grateful for the growth I made in my hood. I learnt how to persevere and how to persist, I am forever grateful! I want the kids in my hood to be motivated by me one day, as I never let being a rural girl be a stumbling block for me. I am currently working as a cleaner and doing long-distance learning with UNISA. It is hard but worth it. I am gonna defy the odds!