I’ve decided what I think is good for me, the best decision to better impact my life. I was able to see the difference between right and wrong. I thought of what was better and picked the best decisions. A decisions that I’ll never regret; one I believe and know that when I look back after years, I’ll never regret.

When I was a child I thought that once I was a teenager I would make wise decisions. I picked friends, but got blinded by the ones I thought were right, even when they were wrong. As I entered into adulthood, that’s when I realised I don’t have to go with wrong friends. It’s my life, my choices. And if I don’t think for myself, nobody will think for me.

My life is based on my decisions. I can’t blame anyone, not even my parents for they are not entitled to my life. I’m responsible for my life, my decisions. I encourage you to sit down, take time and think. Make wise choices that are going to impact your life and think for your future because it all starts with you.


Tell us: Have you made bad decisions? How did they impact your life?