One day, a boy from Hanover Park had been worrying about what would happen if his community were to fall victim to gangsterism and murder. As a result, one night, he wrote a letter to Mr President and told him about what was happening in his community. The following morning, he went to the post office and gave his letter to the receptionist, who then sent it to the President.

The following day, the president wrote back to the boy and, in the letter, said he was going to come to his community in Cape Town. Mr President came to the community and, even though he was worried about what he saw, he thought to himself, ‘this is a very tight community’.

“Who is the child that wrote to me?” the President asked.

“It is me!” the boy shouted.

“What is your name, son?”

“John, sir.”

After Mr President’s speech, the community was calm and, during the five days of operation community clean-up, it was safe for the children and people in the community.


Tell us: Do you think you should always speak up if you aren’t happy about a situation?