My home is a jungle and in the jungle only one rule applies: you eat or you get eaten. It doesn’t even matter what role you play, the rule applies to all. Whether you are a priest, run a small business or are a small time criminal the law of the jungle applies to all. It really is survival of the fittest.

My home is Johannesburg, the city of Gold, the land of opportunities. Located in the heart of the Gauteng province. It’s the largest city in Sub-Saharan Africa, home to the Hillbrow Tower, the tallest tower in Africa. It attracts lots of tourists and visitors because of its rich history, but like any other metropolitan there are some no go areas in Jozi.

There are some areas where you shouldn’t stop your car at the traffic lights, not because they are not working , but because of the high crime rate. There’s a very high chance you might get hijacked, the best thing to do is bend the rules of the road and just drive through the light, whether it is green or red.

The crime rate is out hand, some crimes are committed in broad daylight, I was mugged in a small street, one of the busy streets and people didn’t even bother to help me out. So much for being a rainbow nation. We might be a rainbow nation, but our colours are separate – it’s every man for himself. The reason for all of this crime it’s because of the high unemployment rate in my city, so most people resort to crime.

All sorts of crimes are committed and robbery is the most common and most violent crime because it involves hurting people, whether physically, emotionally or mentally, in the process of taking what rightfully belongs to them.

Also illegal drug activities are another crime that are taunting my home. It’s a worldwide problem to be exact. In the crime world drugs are considered to be precious commodities. Huge amounts of money is always associated with them, and the more money they get, the more crime they commit.

Even those who are addicted to drugs, do whatever it takes to get their hands on the drugs to feed their addiction. They will mug people and break into houses. It’s a never ending circle, where there are drugs there will be criminal activities.

At the end the day one might assume that my city is a no go area, which it is not. They are a bunch of things to do and see. Johannesburg is rich in culture and history. The must see stops are the Apartheid Museum, and just outside Johannesburg you can go to Soweto and visit the Hector Pieterson Memorial. If you’re a nature or animal lover, escape the hustle of the city and visit the Joburg Zoo to be surrounded by Africa’s magnificent animals.

My home is like any other home – it has its ups and downs, but one thing I can assure you, is that when you visit my hood at the end of the day you will leave with a smile. The madness and the magic of Jozi is phenomenal, the people are colourful and all creative in their own way. The artwork, exhibitions, music and photography are world class and are all captured and created in the concrete jungle.