In the past few days, the Lord has been ministering to me about patience and focus, particularly on Him, as He continues to perfect all that which concerns us.

Isaiah 26:3 reads: “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace [Shalom shalom] whose mind is stayed on Thee; because he trusteth in thee.” I love the original translation which translates Perfect Peace as “shalom shalom”. The repetition or emphasis of a word in the bible usually indicates absolute surety or witness, or that God is establishing a particular matter and places much emphasis on it. For in the mouth of two or three witnesses every matter is established.

David also writes: “They looked to Him, and were lightened: and their faces were not ashamed” (Psalms 34:5). As we fix our attention on Him, not only are we transformed into His image we are also brought to state of rest; a state of wholeness and tranquillity. This too is a gift from above for no man can fully find fulfilment unless he delights himself in God who created and formed Him.

We all have fears, appraisals and apprehensions that are constantly crouching at the doorposts of our minds; hoping to communicate some aspect of an uncontrollable future which awaits us. We can be tempted to look to our own means and capacity. This can leave us with self-criticism, being laden with the many cares of this life and coming short in our sight. If we look to others, we will be met with much disappointment and criticise them too.

The key is not to be fixated on the process, for we do not always know in detail what the future holds. Our patience with the process is all the faith we need in the Processor. That faith brings us into a state of tranquillity, where we are not emotionally overwhelmed by the cares of life. Rest is something that no psychologist or psychiatrist can grant us. It can only come from Him who left us with His peace.

When we look to Christ, not only are we comforted, assured and delivered but we are also left renewed, revitalised and strengthened for the journey ahead of us. The road ahead is ever meandering to bring us to a state of maturity. However, we rest assured knowing that whatever is transitioning in us, whatever lies ahead of us, we are slowly being conformed into the image of Christ — the perfect Lamb of God.

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