It is often said that, “Everything happens for a reason.” I just wish my friend understood this way better.

It was her 16th birthday party and I was also invited. Everyone was happy except for me. I couldn’t really enjoy myself because my friend’s boyfriend kept on staring at me. We had gone to the same primary school and I had a thing for him back then. My feelings for him rose from the dead.

Every time I saw him, he still had the same cute smile from when we were kids. I guess that’s why I could not control myself, he was irresistible. As I was leaning on the wall next to the table where drinks were put, he came my way. It felt like the ground could swallow me for some time.

“Hey you,” he greeted.
I started stuttering and waved. I had no intention to continue with the conversation but it happened. The fun began, in my heart I knew I was dancing with the love of my life. My friend noticed how close we were. She came and held his hand and asked me to give them space. It pained me seeing the person I loved loving my friend. I thought my feelings for him would fade but who was I kidding? They only grew deeper and deeper. My mood was spoiled, I then left the party and went home.

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