It’s true, if you want real wisdom then spend time with these three generations: the silent generation, the generation X, and the baby boomer’s generation. Us, the millennials and post millennial generations, have relied on computers and software as if they distinguish what it means to live.

We neglect to take a moment and be with the generation that lived long enough to understand life. They say an experienced person is not the one who is perfect at something. But someone who made vast mistakes and learnt from them, and can overcome any situation because they once faced it.

I have always loved this saying by Robert Frost: “Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the road less travelled by, and that made all the difference.” I meditate on these words and it helps me to choose a path with a happy ending.

I admire my grandma and grandfather. They have been married for 60 good years and that’s just exceptional. I wish to understand the formula and recipe on living such a remarkable life.

One day granddaddy called me and said, “Son sit and listen. With money, you will get the girl you want, but with struggle, you’ll find the women you need. If you date a woman who gets bored when you talk about God, then it’s better to part worlds for your worlds are far apart. I want you to live within your budget and stay in the lane of humility because showing off is a fool’s idea of glory. Be you, stay you and keep being true to yourself.”

To be frank, there is always going to be someone more educated than you. There is always going to be someone more good looking than you. If you compete with the world, you can never win. Trying to catch up with every trend and wave is like running away from your shadow or chasing the end of a rainbow. You can never achieve that.

Try to limit your time on social media as much as you possibly can. Never seek laughter online because it’s temporary and can sometimes be toxic. Each second you are online, it could’ve been an opportunity to do something else. Instead of updating your status, why don’t you upgrade your skills. In the place of Googling celebrity news, why don’t you enrol for online courses because no one can take education away from you.

Occasionally disconnect from the internet and connect your antenna to the heavens, and connect with God. I want you to venture into investment and projects so that you have many streams of income so that when one stream dries up, you can still survive. Learn today’s finance and be independent, for no one gets rich by getting instructions from the boss.

Above all else, remember God. Not one person can claim to be perfect or live a perfect life. So, come as you are, broken into a million pieces and weary and be changed and amazed
by a perfect GOD.


Tell us: Do you agree that at times we have to disconnect from the internet and spend time with ourselves?