They say an eye for eye makes the whole word blind. But I live by the quote, “Vengeance will be mine”.

I don’t remember having a normal childhood. Raped by my own father from the age of 7 up until the age of 16. The worst part was that my own mother took his side. I don’t know if she was drunk in love or she feared that he would beat her up. Or she didn’t want to leave him, because he was rich, or maybe she had her own reasons but she did everything in her power to protect him, even went to the extent of home schooling me.
They say not all that glitters is gold, well I guess I know what they mean, out there we were the perfect family but what happened behind closed doors was hell. My father was a well-respected businessman who seemed to “have it all”.
I still remember the day of the last rape vividly, I was in my room, 16 years at that time. I was busy reading my books (mostly about murders) when he came in. I knew that it was about to go down and I was more than prepared. I had hid his own gun that he kept in his drawer under my pillow. I pretended to as if he was not there, I could hear him caressing my thighs slowly, my heart started to beat so fast that I couldn’t do what I said I would, he raped me mercilessly, I shouted for help but no one came, I remember that I called my mother so many times but she did not come, screaming and shouting in vain until I couldn’t shout no more.

He then stood up, wearing his trousers.
“Don’t forget to take your pill. I don’t want any stupid scandals under my name,” he said.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I reached for the gun under my pillow and pointed at him.

“What are you doing, put the damn gun down,” he said, moving closer towards me.

“Don’t come near me, I’ll shoot,” I warned.

He ran towards me and I pulled the trigger. He fell down and my mother rushed in shocked wearing her pyjamas, showing that she was near all along, even when I was calling her. Begging for help. I so wanted to shoot her too but I put the gun down.
“What have you done? What the hell have you done? You killed your own father, you’ve brought shame to this family, I curse the day I gave birth to you. You don’t even show any remorse, are you human?” She said.

She was right, I did not show any remorse. In fact, I was happy, relieved, I felt as if a very heavy burden had been lifted from my shoulders. The police came and I was arrested, when I was at the door, my mom came rushing downstairs carrying a gun.

“You have killed your parents, I don’t know if you will be able to live with that,” she said.

I was about to say something when she pointed the gun at herself and pulled the trigger.
I was emotionless, I did not know if I should cry or what. The police took me away and after a long process of investigation, it was discovered that I was repeatedly raped. Instead of being sent to juvenile prison I was sent to a psychiatrist.


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