Lihle was a beautiful young girl in grade 10, she was 16 years old. She met this handsome boy and she fell in love with him. One day the boy asked Lihle for her number, Lihle gave it to him with confidence.

Days went by and Lihle and the handsome boy were already dating. It was fantastic and romantic. After a month, Thabo, the handsome boy asked Lihle to come and visit him. Lihle was so happy, she went to visit him in his room. They were chatting for a long time, then they started to kiss. Thabo took off his shirt and started to touch Lihle and Lihle told him it was her first time sleeping with someone.

Thabo said, “Don’t worry about it.”

Lihle lost her virginity. Each time Lihle visited Thabo they would engage in sexual behaviour.

Days went by and Lihle went to visit her aunt. On her way there she saw Thabo walking with another girl who was prettier than her. Lihle went back home and never went to visit her aunt. She arrived home with a sad face. She was alone in the house so she started to cry and she was talking to herself trying to hide the pain.

“No maybe I’m just jumping to conclusions, maybe that is Thabo’s friend. Thabo would not cheat on me,” she kept on saying.

She started to cry and said, “Is it because I’m not beautiful or maybe because I have a good heart, because Thabo never talked to me that way and he never ignored my calls. But why is he doing this to me because he knows how much I love him, but why is he doing this?”

Then from that day she was always indoors and she never asked Thabo about that girl. She kept on smiling even though she was hurting inside.

If you don’t love someone tell, him or her, that you don’t love them rather than wasting their time with a relationship based on lies. Don’t say ‘I love you’ out of habit or just for conversation, say it because you mean it.


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