There is always a belief in the mind of most people that heroism doesn’t have a place in the heart of women. It’s so shocking that I’m writing this story, having almost believed this. But that part of my mind died after having a mind-changing encounter with Blessing. She owes her second chance of existence to her sister, Tina, who made a sacrificial move a few years ago.

These are the words of Blessing:

“If I was told that I would be counted among the living today, I would be doubtful. The bravery of a man can be exhibited to show off strength and energy, but the bravery of a woman is exhibited to show off courage and sincerity.”

Tina was a young, beautiful chocolate-skinned girl in her late adolescent years. She had a younger sister named Blessing, who was five years old. Tina always helped her mother, who owned a restaurant, to deliver food to their customers who could not come to the shop.

One cool afternoon after a very heavy downpour, Tina was asked to deliver food to customers as usual. Blessing, who was always fond of Tina, insisted that she must follow Tina.

“You can’t come with me because the ground must be slippery by now,” Tina said. Blessing was so stubborn and didn’t listen to the pleas of her mother and sister.

After much persuasion, their mother had to submit to Blessing’s demand. This made her so happy and she jumped like a grasshopper. On getting to a customer’s shop, Tina stretched out her hand to Blessing in order to help her cross a big gutter close to the shop. In fear, she clung her palm tightly to Tina’s. But unfortunately, Blessing’s leg struck a stone and immediately groaned in pain. She lost her sister’s palm and fell into the gutter.

The wailing tiny voice of Blessing echoed so deeply in Tina’s ear. She flung the bag in her hand and jumped into the gutter, which was gushing with water, with the hope that she can rescue her baby sister. When she saw that there was a big drainage ahead, which Blessing was helplessly heading towards, she sped up and swum after her.

After many hopeful moves, Tina got close to Blessing, whose leg was already making way through the drainage. Tina got hold of her hands and pulled her back, but it was not yielding a positive result. She moved closer to where Blessing was and she discovered that an iron rod had clung to the clothes she was wearing. Tina pulled the clothes and tore them. She pulled her sister close to her chest and carried her. She supported herself with the edge of the gutter as passersby, who were already watching her making that brave move, held her hands and helped her out of the gutter.

Blessing said, “I found myself at the hospital with my mum, sitting beside the bed where I was lying. The last thing that struck my tiny brain was when I fell into the gutter. The first word that escaped from my lips was, ‘Mum where is Tina?’ Immediately there was a look of worry on Mummy’s face which gave me the signal that something was wrong. When I was discharged I got to know that Tina was in a coma. I was filled with guilt and I couldn’t forgive myself until she woke up from the coma. I learnt my lesson not to be stubborn again. My sister is my hero!”