Waiting could make me lose sight of my vision of becoming an agriprenuer. Students who were selected to Malawi Polytechnic had to wait for a year before they enrolled. That made me very impatient although I wasn’t sure of where to get the fees from. Anyway, God is great. These words kept my hope alive. I anxiously looked up to what God had to do for me.

On commencement of classes, I went to start my first year with a loan. The first two months at the university seemed like a hunger period and I had to desperately look for a stable financial base for my education. The question of where to get the fees always haunted me. One day, as I was brooding over it in my room, a strange face came. He was a fellow student at the university, but we weren’t friends. He tried to cheer me up as if he already knew that I was under stress. Amid our chat, he mentioned the Nchima Trust, a charitable organisation which came to offer bursary to needy students at the school. On hearing this, I felt a nudge of relief running through my nerves as if I was already considered. With much interest I asked him, “How can I register with them?” He kindly replied, “You know what, you should go to the Dean of Students but don’t mention my name.”

The following day I made my entry into the Dean’s office. I met his secretary and she asked how she could help me.

“I would like to know if there has come any organisation which can help me with fees.” I replied feebly. I didn’t want to show that I knew of Nchima Trust. The list of needy students they had already registered looked full. She seemed to be in a dilemma for a few minutes. Then she just suggested to give me a letter requesting financial assistance from any organisation or institution which could help. She did but her conscience could tell her that she was the right person to help me.
She handed it to me while looking at me with pity. As I was about to leave the office, she stopped me and asked me to wait a bit. She went to discuss with the Dean about my situation. She came out of the Dean’s chamber with a happy face.

“Nchina Trust is coming to hold interviews with needy students tomorrow. So come and be part of them,” she said.
Upon hearing these words, I could feel as if I was relieved from a heavy burden on my heard. Three weeks later, the interview results were out and it happened that I was one of the successful ones. I praised God.
From then, my life at the university became soft a bit as I would have no worries for fees. However, the battle still raged on as Nchima Trust could not finance my living expenses. Until recently my academic path way has been marked with God’s providence amid frustrating situations. Now that I am done with my studies, I am happy to think of starting up my own poultry farm in my area.


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