It was a very dark night. There was no light. There was a young boy coming from church. He had to cross a river which separated Lusaka and Mossverly. He had to go through a small forest as it was the only way to get home.

When he was on his way he was singing gospel songs. He was very scared because there was no one else on the street. He heard some voices laughing out loud. When he was starting to cross the river he felt like he was being choked by something. He continued until he arrived at a forest. It was very dark. He felt something was wrong when he saw someone waiting there, smoking. He didn’t want to show the person that he was scared, so he walked past that man. Within minutes he turned back but saw that the man was following him. The man ran after the boy with a stone. He threw it but it missed the boy. The boy ran until he reached the other side of the forest. Since that day the boy has felt like he is being followed and he doesn’t walk at night.