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How do I open a Author profile I have written two books and both have been published. Please get back to me I'd appreciate it. Thanks
Shakoor Lucas · 11 months ago
I don't know where should i might be connected with you
kuch Dengkuch · a year ago
Ongeziwe NdwembilΓ© · 2 years ago
I want to connect with you on whatapp
Sanelsiwe mngadi · 2 years ago
@Asithandile Tyulu are you a Fundza employee?
Owami Cindi · 2 years ago
Hi Owami. We have responded to your Facebook query, and sent you an email about your other comments about your struggles with the LOVEWRITING platform.
Asithandile Tyulu · 2 years ago
Why aren't you Fundza answering me on FACEBOOK
Owami Cindi · 2 years ago
Help I'm struggling to download my certificate,it doesn't show up,why
Noxolo Mlangeni · 2 years ago
Plz help I need to download my certificate what can I do
Noxolo Mlangeni · 2 years ago
Angel Oyama Dunusela what you should do is to press Menu and press courses after that you will see all the courses then when you find the one you were looking for under it there is enroll press it and will be pashash πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Good luck
Beauty princess · 2 years ago
Angel Oyama Dunusela
Beauty princess · 2 years ago
Hi there is a course that I want to do but I kind of lost its name can you help
Angel Oyama Dunusela · 2 years ago
Hi Refiloe, which course are you talking about? Our courses are open to everyone. You can email info@fundza.co.za for more info.
Team FunDza · 2 years ago
Hi, I recently matriculated and I want to start this course because I believe that this course will open doors. How do I get in contact with you if I have questions. I want to be part of the course please help me to apply.
Refiloe Leburu · 2 years ago
I need help ..I want to register for courses
REBAONE MOILWA · 2 years ago
Hi,I have done all my courses and got my certificates.Are there more courses? because when I wanna do more courses in doesn't appear
Reabetswe Raleaoa · 2 years ago
Hello Mvelodelearner - You can change it yourself by going to your profile and correcting your firstname and surname there. Once that is done, download your certificate again. It should now display your correct details.
Mignon · 3 years ago
HI I have a problem with my certificate from FunDza , my name is misspelled , but I want it to be changed. Is that possible
Mvelodelearner · 3 years ago
I love fundza and i want to join on facebook
Precious mpho · 3 years ago
Hello guys I'm new here and I'm inlove with Fundza, I think it will give the best in us thank you.
Mr Chris · 3 years ago
Hi there, yes, FunDza's WhatsApp number is 060 054 8676 - save us as a contact and say 'hi' to get the menu.
Team FunDza · 3 years ago
can we find fundza on Twitter?
BeeΓ…Blur · 3 years ago
does fundza have a whatsapp number?
BeeΓ…Blur · 3 years ago
Its been over a month and i haven't recieved my certificates...
MatshidisoJulian · 3 years ago
May you please help me to rewrire my matric
Phatsemane · 3 years ago
How many books do you have to read to get your certificate??
Maze · 3 years ago
Where can I find courses in isizulu,this is my first year in highschool and I'm struggling with isizulu,I was hoping fundza can help me
Boo · 3 years ago
Hello I haven't received my certificate yet
Wftzjki · 3 years ago
Thanks so much, I received my certificate
Virginiamavee · 3 years ago
Thanks so much ,i received my certificate
Virginiamavee · 3 years ago
Hi there
Melokuhley · 3 years ago
I finished my courses now where can I find new ones
Katleg5 · 3 years ago
Hi there, the certificates are sent once the course is finished and has been removed from the site.
Team FunDza · 3 years ago
I want to know for how long the certificate become available
Kwana · 3 years ago
I finished i few courses.. Where can i find other ons.
Betty2 · 3 years ago
Hy I just want to know if I have passed my course for Phenduka Park because I haven't received anything until now
NtombiMthembu · 3 years ago
I got my certificate 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 thanks fundza
Malebolebo · 3 years ago
Hi. How long must one wait for the certificate
Imusasa · 3 years ago
Hi pls gusys can you pleΓ se let us know if we failed bcs i dont understand wheather i failed or is there a problem because a have not recieve any certificate
Scelomakhoba · 4 years ago
Hi im still waiting for my certificate...its been a while and I'm already done with keeping up with the majolas
.......diedie · 4 years ago
hie Fundza group... I am David Chiloane, i completed "Moving with Majola's" and that "Pollution awareness" courses, I have been waiting for certificate till to today.
David012 · 4 years ago
Will i have a job after mi course
Joseph p tarplah1999 · 5 years ago
Hi there I would like you to help me accademicaly or atleast assist me
Sanelisile · 5 years ago
Hi there can u hear me or see me πŸ‘‹πŸ‘€
A mahler · 5 years ago
Hi there, you will only get sent your certificate once the course is finished and comes off the site.
Team FunDza · 5 years ago
His will I get my certificate when I done with my course
B…@1 · 5 years ago
How can I join you on what's app directly?
George sichinga · 5 years ago
Haw can post the photo to the profile
Janvier Habimana · 6 years ago
You are welcomed
FunDza Team · 6 years ago
am new here..do you welcome me??
Γ‡lΓ©mmΕ“ Γ€?hΓ  · 6 years ago
I appreciate if we could get in Instagram
Mas…@habiba · 6 years ago
I appreciate it if we could select facebook to connect
Wynande james · 6 years ago
You can send in your work by email or by using the contact form. If that doesn't work, you can write it out and post it to us. The address is: FunDza Fanz Writing, 85 Main Road, Muizenberg, 7945.
Mignon · 6 years ago
You do need to have some data to send your story via email. Can you go to a nearby library to use a computer there?
Team FunDza · 6 years ago
I don't no where to publish my store and I don't have money or data
Lovelife11 · 6 years ago
Hi EIvis: i really want tips of complimenting a girl
Elvischeweh · 6 years ago
Hi Tumelo - It would be in violation of copyright law to re-post the vast majority of the stories/blogs on FunDza to another site/blog. So, no, that is not permitted. But you are welcome to link your blog to particular stories on our site - i.e. direct people there to read. If you need more clarification please contact me on mignon@fundza.co.za.
Mignon · 7 years ago
Greetings, firstly would like say great reads, then again is it permitted to share the stories on a blog or page prior to not being sold or distributed for remuneration, but for reading purposes. Obviously crediting the writter or owner.thanx :-)
Tumelo Maupa · 7 years ago
Hi Ayabonga, read lots of poetry to get ideas! Once you've written your poem, send it to us at writing@fundza.co.za
Team FunDza · 7 years ago
hey i am Ayabonga i want to know how to write a poem i am 15 yrs old
Ayabonga Diko · 7 years ago
Hi there You have to send your writing to writing@fundza.co.za
Veronica Boyi · 7 years ago
hi i'm siphamandla i need to know how to post my poems
siphamandla dlamini · 7 years ago
Am samantha magosi,am 21 years old,am studying in Tshwane collage,i what to know how can i write my poems or stories then publish them?
Samantha Magosi · 7 years ago
Ok .am a poem writer
Maria Maema · 7 years ago
i want to be a fanDza writer but i dont knw where to write or what to do
Lusubilo Kalambo · 8 years ago