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Hi there, as we say in the answer to the question - unfortunately we don't offer bursaries.
Team FunDza · 3 years ago
I am in Grade 9 and I am a good reader and writer in Poetry ,my wish is to get a Scholarship so that I can be a better speaking and writing poetry .What can I do?
Cinaija · 3 years ago
I think fundza should give Bursary's or study loans for people who are subscribed to fundza courses
matiki · 3 years ago
Hi there, Funza Lushaka is a separate organisation - we are not linked to them at all. Click on this link to find out about them: http://www.funzalushaka.doe.gov.za/
Team FunDza · 3 years ago
How can I get hold to funza lushaka bursary.. ?
Alert · 3 years ago