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Hi Kgaugelo. You have the wrong organisation. We are the FunDza Literacy Trust, not the Funza Lushaka Bursary. You can reach them here: http://www.funzalushaka.doe.gov.za/ Please note, we are an entirely different organisation, so all we can do is point you in the right direction.
Asithandile Tyulu · a week ago
In need of bursary because i come from apoor background so i can't afford to pay study, books and residential fees
Kgaugelo Mothapo · 2 weeks ago
Thank you Fundza, I'll look for it next year.
Nolonwabo Boya · a month ago
Hi Nolonwabo, we don't offer learnerships. We do have a free annual fellowship programme for aspiring writers. You need to look out in January for the invitation to apply.
Team FunDza · a month ago
Does Fundza offer learnerships?
Nolonwabo Boya · a month ago