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Can you put me in competitions since I don't know how to?!!
gontse ka nxumalo · a month ago
Hi there... Are there competitions and prizes up for grabs this month (April 2020) I'd like to enter and how do I enter it?
Bless_@official_Hotty · 2 months ago
Eish guys I don't know how to redo the unregistered with the moving up with the majola' s I clicked by mistake.how do I reverse it because I completed the course.please help
Leseli · 6 months ago
Hi there There was a problem with our site and but please note that if you've done 40/42 that you've completed the course
FunDza Team · 6 months ago
I entered the FunDza's Moving Up with the Majolas course competition and it suggested that i will answer 42 questions but it gave me 40 I am so confused and distressed. I seriously don't wanna miss out and I want to finish before the competition closes. Please help!!
whitebunn · 6 months ago