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hi i was at school during lunch and i was menstruating,i was wearing a big panty i put a pegs on it when,i played a skipping suddenly a pad fall out of panty i was embarassed everyone laughed at me including my ex boyfriend.
lindelwa · 10 years ago
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jackpot41 · 10 years ago
Eish moment....sum gals were sittn across me from the road n i didnt notice that they could see my panty...i only realised wen they were sniggering n pointing at me...then this lady told me n i was sooo embarrased
Lee ann · 12 years ago
this other day i was at school with my friends,our english teacher came in class and greet my friends only,he stare at me and said,''hie chizie........'',that was my nick name.when i smile back,he just said,''mba'',which means a samp[chizimba].every body just laughed at me.eix,i was so embarassed.
tondani · 13 years ago
it was raining and i slip because there was water on the surface i was running and while slipping i hit an old lady and she lost her leg and now she uses a wheelchair;i feel bad
lennox · 13 years ago
Oh rosy u shuldnt feel bd
TshilidziSia · 13 years ago
I remember when I fell off the chair at my best friend's birthday party.. And to make the matter worse, My ex-boyfriend was there. My current boyfriend was there and i was embarassed to see him laugh at me. So because i was ashamed and embarassed, I left my best friend's party without her noticing. And now, whenever I walk around, people that were present that night laugh at me
Rosymary Mudzanani · 13 years ago