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Meet Thobeka Zulu – Makeup Artist
2 weeks ago
How and when did you fall in love with makeup? I became interested in makeup in high school, but I never really acted on it. In 2016 I finally left home and went to university. I got exposed to YouTube and for some reason which I can't remember, I started searching for makeup tutorials and…
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Freedom: the young have their say
4 weeks ago
Our country has had 28 years of freedom and equality. We have had 32 years of apartheid-free government. As free as South Africa is said to be, there are remnants of apartheid that affect those of us who are considered born-frees. I asked my fellow born-frees two questions: “What does freedom mean to you?” and…
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All creatures great and small
a month ago
Meet Aliya Roza Davids, a young South African veterinarian working in England. When did you decide to become a veterinarian, and why? I didn't really have a large amount of exposure to the medical / veterinary industry growing up, but was always surrounded by animals and taught to love and value their companionship. The honest…